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I'm a crappy friend :(

I made a post yesterday to tell you guys that I'm hosting a give-away at my my 'creative-blog-away-from-lj' but apparently messed up and locked the damn thing in such a way that I was the only one able to see it. Damn, my age is catching up on me :( So, here goes..............

You can win a pretty necklave just like this one, with a vintage butterfly pendant and a Czech bead (color up to the winner) just by leaving me a comment HERE. You don't need an account or anything, just mention your name or LJ and I'll know who you are :D
I'll pick a winner tomorrow (around noon GTM) so hurry up.

PS: why did I just see a Bakker Bart ad? Crap, now I'm getting hungry again even though I just had some sushi with M :(


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Apr. 21st, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks for letting us know. It's so beautiful.
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