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I'm going friends only :D

Comment to be added, Make sure you mention why you want to be added and what we have in common, or your comment will be ignored!

I'm a crappy friend :(

I made a post yesterday to tell you guys that I'm hosting a give-away at my my 'creative-blog-away-from-lj' but apparently messed up and locked the damn thing in such a way that I was the only one able to see it. Damn, my age is catching up on me :( So, here goes..............

You can win a pretty necklave just like this one, with a vintage butterfly pendant and a Czech bead (color up to the winner) just by leaving me a comment HERE. You don't need an account or anything, just mention your name or LJ and I'll know who you are :D
I'll pick a winner tomorrow (around noon GTM) so hurry up.

PS: why did I just see a Bakker Bart ad? Crap, now I'm getting hungry again even though I just had some sushi with M :(

Apr. 9th, 2010

Does anyone know how exactly the whole region thing with dvd's works? 'Cause I've been thinking about getting M the entire Queer as Folk set, but if I buy it somewhere here I'd have to pay somewhere between 50 and 60 euros just for one season but I've found the entire set for about $80 online. Now, we've both got dvd-players that've been able to play anything we've tried so far (incl. a dvd bought in Canada) and I've got an Xbox 360 and he's got a PS 3, so does anyone know if we'll be able to watch the dvd's?
I was just checking up on ONTD and found a post about the AWESOME Sven Kramer :)

Apparently a lot of the (non-Dutch) ONTDers think it was rude of him to say that and that he's a douchebag because of it. Now, that NBC part was on tv the night it was shot and to be honest, I think the Dutch reporters actually thought it was funny and so did my family. You do NOT ask the winner of a competition that you just saw what his name is, where he's from and what he won, you introduce him yourself if you need the info on tape. Asking him those questions, that was rude.

Agreed: Y/N?

PS: if it's true that the Dutch are too direct and offensive in the eyes of Americans (I'm guessing that's what most of the ONTDers that commented are) I really shouldn't ever be allowed to go to the States. I'd probably end up in jail or something.
I've been trying to get the Sims 2 to work since last night but the damn thing keeps giving me somekind of direct x error and googling only tells me that I'm probably having some kind of graphics card problem. I'm hoping my google-funk has just been failing me, 'cause I have a better card (and everything else) than I had on my laptop and that damn thing was able to play it just fine :( I hate computers!

I need help shopping :(

I need you guys to tell me where to buy some cute, well-fitting, reasonably priced bras :) I need help 'cause I've officially decided to actually buy the right size from now on, 70B instead of 75B (I was told that translates into 32B and 34B).

The problem is that the ones I like (both price and looks-wise) often don't fit since my left-to-right measurements are apparently on the large side, while my front-to-back ones are too small. Those damn underwires keep ending before my boobs do, so I need help people!!!!

I don't care if I have to buy them online, I just need some new ones :D

Jan. 23rd, 2010

I'll stop spamming in a minute, I'm supposed to leave in 10 minutes anyway...........

just my thought on this weeks SPN, it'll only take a secondCollapse )

Writer's Block: Leftovers of leftovers

What's the most unusual food you have ever eaten? Have you ever consumed anything without knowing precisely what it was and gotten sick when you found out?

I've eaten loads of things without having any idea what it was and I actually liked most of them. It's the idea of eating weird things that groses people out in my opinion so the last couple of years I tend to not even ask what it is anymore, I just eat it. The weirdest thing I've ever eaten after I was told what it was are probably crickets.